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NPS Report

The Net Promoter Score report designed to help you compare different locations, labels, and date ranges of your account to understand how one is performing versus another. Each element is represented by a data card with that element’s performance.

NPS Report Features and Functions

  • Date range choices as well as custom date range selection
  • Ability to compare up to 6 elements at one time
  • Visual charting is produced after you select more than the current element you are in, you can also delete any element, including the location you are in.
  • Ability to use ORDER BY that will order the data cards by what specific data point you have selected. Select Promoters and it will order them by who has the highest to lowest amount of promoters.
  • ORDER BY offers ordering by NPS score, Responses, Promoters, Passives, Detractors and each individual survey question.
  • Ability to save/print to PDF
  • Report Template. Once you select a specific set of elements to report on you can then SAVE those elements into a “template” you can access in the future with one click. So if you are comparing 3 different date ranges of one location together, you can save it to reuse in the future.
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