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Setting Expectations

First, let’s look at some baseline expectations and terms that will help you:

  1. Our platform makes customer feedback and online reviews easier. It will NOT create 5-
    star reviews for a business giving 2-star service.
  2. Our platform is the engine, but your customer is the “gas” to make it run. You must
    consistently add emails or mobile numbers to get results.
  3. It’s a numbers game. Just like email marketing, only certain percentages of your
    customers will open your emails or click a link. Here is an average process to outline
    what you should work toward with our platform:
BRAVO How to get 10 new reviews.


  • First-party review: Customer comments, feedback, testimonials, or any text given directly to you, the business.
  • Third-party review: Customer comments written at online review sites like Google, Facebook, or Tripadvisor.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): A metric used to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction.
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