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Integration with software – including Google Sheets

Easily connect a Google Sheet to your BRAVO account and automatically send Email or SMS feedback requests when a new customer is added to your Google Sheet. Here’s how:

1. Sign in to your BRAVO account. Select the desired location you wish to integrate with. Then navigate to Integrations on the left hand side.

2. Select Google Sheets from the list of available integrations by clicking Connect. Click Yes, I Agree to the $0.00 charge. There is no charge for this integration.

Integration with software.

3. Click the “New Authentication” field and enter a name. In the below example the “Taco Shop customers”. Then click Create.

Create a new authorization.

4. A new window will appear, prompting you to sign into your Google account. Select the Google Account you want to be associated with this Google Sheet.

5. Note: “See, edit, create and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets” MUST be checked for this integration to work properly.

6. Next, select your Communication Preference by indicating how you will send the feedback request, either by email or SMS.

App configuration.

7. Send feedback request is an option for you to send the request immediately by choosing YES. Choose No to add customers only, but not send a request yet. Click Finish when done.

App configuration 2.

8. You’re all connected. Click Got it!.

Google Sheets.

9. You’ll want to open your Google Drive account (using the same account you used in the permissions, steps 4 & 5) in a new window. You should see a new Google Sheet with the title “Review Request Recipients [Date/Time]”

Review Request Recipients.

Important Note: Do not edit the Column Headers (First Name, Last Name, etc) nor the Sheet Name at the bottom tab. You can edit the document name (Review Request Recipients…).

Congratulations! Your Google Sheet is now integrated with your BRAVO account. Moving forward any contacts added to this Google Sheet will be sent a review request from your BRAVO account.

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