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Reviews Report

Features and Functions

  • Date range choices as well as custom date range selection
  • Ability to compare up to 6 elements at one time
  • Visual charting is produced after you select more than the current element you are in, you can also delete any element, including the location you are in.
  • You can do any combination of the above: Date range vs. location vs. label vs. brand (brand = one business versus all other businesses in account)
  • ORDER BY offers ordering by overall rating, reviews in last 30 days, reviews since starting BRAVO, rating type (1-5 stars), reviews sources (google, yelp, facebook, etc.)
  • Ability to save/print to PDF
  • Report Template. Once you select a specific set of elements to report on you can then SAVE those elements into a “template” you can access in the future with one click. So if you are comparing 3 different date ranges of one location together, you can save it to reuse in the future.
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