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How to Respond to Positive Reviews

Responding to positive reviews is a great opportunity to build a connection to your brand and make people feel good about being a part of it. Many businesses skip this or overlook it, but you can build a lot of goodwill with your brand fans by responding.

Think of it this way… You’ve invited all these people to your party, and this person showed up. Welcome them! Nobody likes to be left standing awkwardly wondering where to set down the casserole. Follow these tips to write an inviting reply to a positive review.

Be Welcoming and Grateful

Greet and thank the reviewer by name. Be enthusiastic and use a conversational tone that aligns with your brand.

Show Genuine Interest

To show you’re engaged in the conversation, comment on a detail from the review. This is an easy way to add variety to your review replies and show your customers that you’re reading what they have to say and responding to them uniquely. No canned responses here.

Be of Service to Add Value

Based on the review, provide information the reviewer may be interested in. Let them know about a new menu item or product coming soon or give a reminder of an important date. Preview an upcoming offer, sale, or event and invite them to participate. Being of service adds value on top of positive customer experience.