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How To Prioritize Review Responses

Should I respond to reviews? Which reviews do I respond to? The answer to these common questions is… ALL of them. You earned them. Good and bad, they are yours to benefit from.

  • First, reply to ALL Negative Reviews, then..
  • 1st Party reviews (direct to your business from the customer)
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Other review sites in your industry

Reply to All Negative Reviews

If you do nothing else, make responding to all negative and neutral reviews your top priority. To do this well, ensure the person replying to reviews has the authority to solve problems and offer solutions. Showing empathy for the situation and being respectful is vital to successful response management, but providing action is at the core of what the customer wants. See more about responding to negative reviews in the next section.

Reply to 1st-party Reviews (Direct Feedback from Your Customer)

No matter the sentiment of a 1st-party review, it’s like a text from your BFF. Don’t leave them hanging. If a customer cares enough to reach out, show them some love. After all, good communication is what lasting relationships are made of.

BRAVO Reviews allows you the option to respond to your customers either publicly or privately. If you choose private, your response is only emailed to them and then saved in their customer profile. If you choose to publicly respond, your reply is posted to the Review Widget on your website as well as emailed to the customer and saved to their profile.

Replying to Google Reviews Gives Your Response Reach

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and you’ll notice it’s serving reviews with almost every search in many of its results.

Responding to Google reviews has many benefits. It shows consumers you value reviews and the time they took to write one. When customers see that reviews matter to your business, they are encouraged to leave one too leading to more reviews that improve your local search ranking.

Google also emails your response to the customer when you reply giving you an additional touchpoint with your customer. Use BRAVO Reviews to respond to Google reviews directly.  With little effort, you can use Google’s reach to give your reply extra lives.

Be Social with Replies to Facebook Recommendations

Facebook is a social platform providing opportunity for engagement and conversation. The switch from reviews to recommendations introduced a text modal to the recommendation process. The change prompts more review content to be posted by users, inviting business replies.

Reply to Reviews Left on Industry Review Sites to Create Conversation

There are many niche review platforms for industries. Responding to reviews in industry platforms meets your customers where they are, makes you a part of the conversation, and leaves a trail back to your business.